File2XLIFF4j News

11 Jul 2007 - The file formats keep coming. Today's release adds initial support for Windows resource (RC) files. (Not yet included is support for VERSIONINFO's VarFileInfo BLOCK--which includes information on language(s) and encoding(s)--or support for the code_page pragma. Perhaps in the future?)

22 Jun 2007 - Today's release adds support for converting Java property resource bundles (*.properties) to and from XLIFF. It also adds the DTD's used by Firefox and Thunderbird XUL (XML User interface Language) in localizing their user interfaces.

Today's release also includes a "test" jar file named file2xliff4j-gui-20070622.jar. In Windows, you ought to be able to double click on the file to bring up a graphical user interface to file2xliff4j. (From a command line, try the command "java -jar file2xliff4j-gui-20070622.jar".) If you plan on converting Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you will still need to start running in the background--before starting file2xliff4j.

(The PDF support that appears in the GUI user interface is still probably too rudimentary to be of any use ... but it is there if you want to enhance it!)

4 Jun 2007 - Although the Subversion repository has been updated periodically since February, today's release is the first "official" one since then.

Of interest in this release:

15 Feb 2007 - Today's release was the first in over four months. ... But that doesn't mean that the changes of today's release are the only changes during that period. We continue to commit changes to the Subversion repository. This release's highlights include the following:

5 Oct 2006 - This has been a busy month!!:

5 Sep 2006 - We continue to work on new formats for file2xliff4j. The latest include Maker Interchange Format (MIF__one of the formats that FrameMaker files can be saved as). It was written "from scratch"--it doesn't require to convert to and from XLIFF. We also added another converter that uses OOo: PowerPoint.

The list of supported formats now includes:

16 Jun 2006 - Yes, file2xliff4j is still alive and well--healthier than ever, in fact. Today's release includes support for Excel spreadsheets and Rich Text Format (RFT). (Both were fairly easy to implement, since they use to convert both formats to and from OpenDocument format, which is easy to convert to and from XLIFF.) Supported formats now include:

(It is fairly simple to add any format that supports. Take a look at the Java files with Excel and RTF in their name, modify and, and--if you're lucky--you will have a new format converter!)

I'm not sure when (if ever) beta will end, so I decided to rename the distributions by inserting the distribution date (yyyyMMdd) in the name of the jar file and the source tarball.


31 May 2006 - Yesterday I began uploading a new version of file2xliff4j, but couldn't connect to the shell server. I will try to complete the update later today. The XLIFF generated by file2xliff4j now includes more <x/> elements ... and all <x/> and <bx/> elements now have ctype attributes. See the new RELEASE_NOTES file for details. Just this morning I fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Word and text documents from generating correct XLIFF.

We just moved our file from CVS to SourceForge's new Subversion source control system. This will allow us to eliminate the orphaned directories that have been accumulating in the project.

17 May 2006 - I know: it's been only two days since the last update. Someone kindly pointed out that the introductory document doesn't tell how to call file2xliff4j from a Java program. We have tried to fix that by updating the document. The new architecture uses a ConverterFactory, which instantiates the appropriate converter (importer, exporter) for the types of files you are converting. Feel free to let us know if you find errors or have suggestions!

15 May 2006 - It's been a long week since 27 Jan! Shortly after the last update we realized that our skeleton had major problems--it couldn't make the round trip back to the native document format. We rearchitected file2xliff4j--twice--and finally got HTML to make the round trip, then moved our focus to Word. We were able to convert from Word to XLIFF with the POI libraries, but couldn't figure out how to generate a skeleton in the process. ... So we investigated, and finally settled on JooConverter (another SourceForge project), which uses to convert Word to and back. Now we can convert Word to XLIFF and back. (Oh, by the way, we can convert's OpenDocument Text [odt] files as well, ... and all we need is some time to convert any of the formats that OOo can handle.)

27 Jan 2006 - Sheesh, I jinxed the project. Shouldn't have mentioned trying to stay on one release per week. We are working on XML and some bug fixes. Some of the fixes should already be updated in the CVS tree. We've had to reshuffle responsibilities so we have some learning curve issues but we are hoping that the addition of the UML Diagram (look to your left) will help not only us but anyone else who would like to contribute. More to come...

6 Jan 2006 - Happy New Year! Another week another release. We hope to keep up the good pace of releases and improvements. Any feedback you have please send to (airin356 at gmail dot com). Thanks.

29 Dec 2005 - We are happy to announce the Alpha release of File2XLIFF4j. This release includes converters for HTML, Excel, and Word documents.